Sep 29, 2011

Outfit | The black bag

Asos poncho, H&M denim shorts, Xtrastar shoes, Zara leather bag, H&M sunglasses

Oh yes, finally! After long long waiting..and saving money, I finally could buy the welknown tote bag from the Zara collection. Today he arrived finally. And ofcourse, I used the bag today if you can see in the photos above. Today I cooked with my boyfriend, it was lovely. Definitely with the weather here in The Netherlands. Sun sun sun! And it is almost weekend, I can´t wait! I am going to Amsterdam (again yes..) with a girlfriend and I will do a lot of another nice things.

Sep 28, 2011

Paris Fashion Week - Balmain

All photos from Vogue. Backstage photos from Balmain from the Paris Fashion Week. It is the autumn/winter collection 2011-12. I really love the collection and what do you think? Yes, this post goes about the collection for the autmun and winter, but i have to say now: Yes, it is now autumn here, but it looks like the summer here in the Netherlands. Fortunately! Today there weren't any clouds in the sky and it was about 25 degrees. Lovely! The weather fortunately stays this week, so my jumpers and coats stay in my wardrobe this week!

Sep 26, 2011

Outfit | Pink and denim

Acne jeans, Jeanse Blush top, H&M blazer, Catrice nailpolish, Zara blue sandals, Zara grey bag

A little detail, today I am 3 years together with my lovely boyfriend!

Sep 24, 2011

Outfit | A lot of sun in autumn

Levi DIY shorts, Monki top, Zara leather jacket, Ebay ring with hearts, unknown bracelets and watch, Catrice blue nailpolish, Zara boots, Zara bag, unknown belt

Sep 22, 2011

New | Golden red stone ring

No, it isn't the real 'Yves Saint Laurent' ring, but a fake one from Ebay! But he is nice, isn't it?

Sep 21, 2011

DIY | Levi vintage shorts

On the first photo the jeans before and on the second photo the jeans after! I am very happy with the result, and what is your opinion? It is very easy to make these shorts. You buy second-hand jeans or you have got an old one from yourself, that is possible ofcourse. You cut a piece off of the pipes. Not TOO much, otherwise he is much too short. Then you roll the pipes up to the length you want. And you are ready! Easy, isn't it? How long does it take? 10-15 minutes? And where I bought these pants? Yes, they are from Levi, but second-hand, vintage. I bought them at a Dutch market (Albert Kuypmarkt in Amsterdam). You can find there these jeans for only 5 euros(!!). And so you have got cheap Levi shorts.

Sep 20, 2011

Outfit | Last day of summer

H&M poncho, H&M faux leather shorts, Asos boots, unknown strow hat, unknown arm cuff, vintage leather backpack

Sep 19, 2011

Old black leather backpack

An old backpack from my mom. Months I have looked for the perfect black leather backpack in different stores. Yesterday I got this one from my mom and I can't wait to use him. Thanks mom!

Sep 18, 2011

Purchases IJ-hallen

Unknown hat, Topshop red jumper, H&M trend black blouse, vintage maxi skirt, piece of cloth with gold and silver (I am going to make a skirt or something of it!) and unknown arm cuffs

Sep 17, 2011

Some photos of my life

1. My new hair! I'll show better photos later
2. Vintage Levi jeans. I am going to make shorts of it. For the Dutch readers, The short is from the Albert Kuypmarkt in Amsterdam. Only 5 euros!
3. A delicious smoothie (strawberry and banana) from the Dutch café Douwe Egberts
4. My double-finger ring with hearts, from Ebay
5. Dinner with my girlfriends

Sep 16, 2011

Vogue streetstyle

All photos are from

I always love streetstyle photos of Vogue, they are so beautiful. Vogue has got so many inspiring photos. Like I said, I am going to Amsterdam this weekend and I hope to make beautiful streetstyle photos of fashionable people. Maybe I see you than haha! Have a nice weekend!

Sep 15, 2011

Outfit | Walking down the street

Asos blue blouse, vintage lace top, New Yorker faux leather pants, Nelly boots

Sep 14, 2011

Rings | Part of my collection

I'm definitely addicted to rings. And this is only a part of my collection. If I see a beautiful ring in the shop, I buy it almost immediately. If you want to know where I had bought a ring, just ask me. But most of the rings I bought abroad, at a markt (Albert Kuyp Markt in Amsterdam) or on Ebay. But ask me if you want to know something!

Sep 13, 2011

Items | My musthaves

Everything is from Romwe

Romwe, an online webshop with beautiful and unique clothing, jewellery and accessories for an affordable price. The latest street fashion online. And an advantage is that it is free shipping worldwide! Definitely worth to take a look on the webshop, Above my favorites together selected. I think these grey, black and white colours are perfect for the fall. I definitely adore these colours, and you? Maybe I will order some of these items next week. Click here for the website.

Sep 12, 2011

Outfit | Almost autmun

Zara cardigan, H&M striped shirt, H&M faux leather shorts, Converse shoes, Zara bag, H&M armour ring, other rings are from Spain or second-hand

Unfortunately, summer is almost over and autumn is coming. But I have to say, my summer was the best ever. I will definitely not forget my best holiday ever with my lovely boyfriend and girlfriends. But, bye bye bare legs and summer dresses and sunnies. See you next year hopefully!

Sep 11, 2011

New | Burgundy pants

For weeks I am looking for the per-fect bordeuxrode velvet pants. Even in the big city, Amsterdam, I found nothing. Until I got a fantastic tip from my girlfriends. H&M! The same day I ran to the store and yes, they had the burgundy pants I was looking for. Only unfortunately not in my size. So I bought him a size bigger and when I see the right size in a store, I can change him. That's really an advantage from H&M, that you have one month to exchange an item.
H&M burgundy pants, Ikea duvet

Sep 10, 2011

Vogue inspiration

Polka dots, colorblocking, sunnies, silver jewellery and studs. With these items you can create the perfect look I think.
Street Style photos from Vogue. Click here for the website. This is btw my 500th post!!